Critical 24/7 support

Mobility & Remote Virtualizations

Brentech's critical support.

Our experts at BrenTech Inc. realize competition is fierce and if we cannot serve our customers when their systems are down, they will likely find a competitor who can. Downtime is not an option. We completely understand how to keep and maintain your critical business infastructure operational.

BrenTech Inc. Business Continuity with mission critical support provides proactive and reactive solutions helping sustain your business operations availability 24/7. Our Critical Support team offers the complete 24/7 protection you've been looking for. Our critical IT infrastructure experts actively monitor your complete infrastructure and mitigates any technology associated business risks to increase operational efficiency and maintain Up-Time.

Maintaing your business operational Up-Time while increasing efficiencies are our Top Priorities. We are dedicated to proactively maintaining your infrastructure as a mission critical environment allowing you to relax and focus on other business priorities.


data recovery.

Data Recovery

Your BrenTech Forensic Team can recover deleted or partially deleted e-mail and files, recover passwords, extract file decrypted information, find missing files, recover lost data, even provide expert witness and testimony services.

We have data recovery equipment to get data off of bad hard drives and raid arrays. Just the opposite, we are experts at removing data permanently from hard drives and computers.

The BrenTech Team can:

Recover Deleted and Partially Deleted E-mail

Find Missing Files

Recover Lost Data

Expert Witness/Testimony Services

Password Recovery/File Decryption

Data Recovery/Data Eradication

Reformatting and repartitioning a hard drive will NOT erase your data.

We have the data recovery equipment here to retrieve data off bad hard drives and raid arrays.

Before you recycle or donate your computers, let us permanently remove your data

system troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting and diagnosing equipment and software issues, takes an expertise not quickly acquired which takes many years of training and interaction with a full spectrum of technologies to gain the experience to effectively troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve system level issues.

virus & malware detection & Removal

Virus and Malware Detection and Removal

Keeping well versed and up to day on the attack surfaces in which root-kits, malware and viruses infilltrate systems, is absolutely paramount for maintaining business operational security