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Mobility & Remote Virtualizations

Brentech's computer repair.

The experts at BrenTech's Computer Clinic have the expert skills it takes to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair any of your server, desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile device issues. Whether it’s a hardware or software related issue, we can always help. We have repaired thousands of Servers, PCs, Macs, and Laptops from mother board, memory, hard-drive failures, screen repair, malware and virus removal, to complete new systems, with set-up and training. Our diagnosing and troublshooting expertise allows us to approach every situation with the knowledge we need and the skills you deserve to resolve your issues quickly.

In these days where communication is key, we realize how important your desktop, laptop, or tablet computer is to you and why our pledge is to resolve your hardware or software related issue as quickly as possible.

Computer Repair Any Manufacturer

data recovery.

Data Recovery

BrenTech installs and configures secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Remote Connection Servers for both large and small companies in San Diego County, Orange County and Riverside. Let BrenTech engineers help you implement a telecommuting policy and technology for your business that allows your staff to work from anywhere on the internet, just as if they were at the office.

hardware upgrade.

Your business uses a small army of devices designed to make your life easier, however maintaing your fleet of devices can be extremely complex, and resource intensive. Our Device Management Solutions will enable your business to achieve device mobility by providing an easy and most effective way tomanage all your devices.

software upgrade.

Keeping your sofware applications updated and current can sometimes create challenges not foreseen.

routine maintenance.

Like anything now days, you must perform routine maintenance to keep your assets functioning properly and effeciently.

system troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting and diagnosing equipment and software issues, takes an expertise not quickly acquired which takes many years of training and interaction with a full spectrum of technologies to gain the experience to effectively troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve system level issues.

virus & malware detection & Removal

Virus and Malware Detection and Removal

Keeping well versed and up to day on the attack surfaces in which root-kits, malware and viruses infilltrate systems, is absolutely paramount for maintaining business operational security


BrenTech Inc. provides a full spectrum of equipment manufactures.