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Repair Options That Fit Your Budget

Our Service Department Offers Complete

Computer Repair You Can Afford

Data Recovery

The technicians at BrenTech's Computer Clinic have the expert skills it takes to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair any of your server, desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile device issues.

General Upgrades

Need more out of your computer? BrenTech can improve, optimize, and install any hardware you need for your computer or smaller devices.


Commonly caused by bad drivers, problems with hardware, and operating system errors, let BrenTech help in the event of a full system failure.

Screen Replacement

BrenTech can install, repair, or service any cracked or black screen your devices are experiencing.

Battery Replacement

If your laptop battery fails or no longer holds a sufficient charge, BrenTech can easily replace it.

New Device Data Transfer

Data merging and syncing when upgrading from an old device, done seamlessly. BrenTech will ensure your device is configured and ready with all your information untouched.

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